The hockey season is rolling around again. Hopefully, you’ve had a good summer and are ready for try-outs and pre-season practices and games. It’s good to start the new season with some goals in mind. Here are a few for you to consider. It’s a 5-star plan for the player who wants to have a really solid season.

1. Determination

You want to be the best player you can be. This means being the hardest working player at practice and in the games. You should get to the arena early and be one of the first players ready to hit the ice. Everyone should know that you play hard every shift and never give up no matter what the score.

2. Leadership

To be a good leader, you must be a good example both on and off the ice. This means supporting your teammates, following the game plan, giving encouragement when necessary, communicating to your line-mates on the ice and respecting the officials. Good leaders are always alert to all that happens in a game.

3. Setting Goals

In pre-season tryouts, you should have a clear plan on what you have to do to make the team. Play to your strengths. If you’re a scorer, concentrate on scoring goals. If you’re a skater, use your speed by driving wide or busting hard through the middle. If you’re a checker, do a superb job of checking whether it is an alert stick or a solid body check. As the season progresses, the time will come to work on improving your weaker areas.

4. Team First

Be a good team player. Pass the puck to the open man. Keep your shifts the proper length. Listen to your coaches. Help your teammates in battles along the boards. Try and encourage your goaltender. Avoid selfish penalties. Coaches love a good team player.

5. Have Fun

Many players who I coached in minor hockey years later have told me that those were the happiest years of their lives. There’s nothing better than playing on a team where everyone works hard and has lots of fun. So have fun this season!


Good luck to you all!